Your preferred partner for accounting tasks

LD Budget offers assistance within accounting for big, medium- and smaller businesses,
as a freelance consultant/accountant without required binding.

You are always welcome to contact LD Budget to hear about your options, it is free to have a conversation.

What can LD Budget help you with?

All tasks within accounting, including but not limited to:

Customer invoicing and follow-up on missing payments.
Various reconciliations.
Booking of vendor invoices and various documents.
Employee expense handling.
Budgeting and follow-up.
Analysis and reporting to owner/management.
Ad-hoc, time consuming and manual tasks.

What is in it for my company to work with LD Budget?

Your company will get a close partner within the accounting function, that helps looking at the bigger picture in your business, from a financial point of view and deeper understanding of the financial results and the meaning of the figures in the books.

It will release time from your time spent on administrative tasks, so you can focus on what you are good at, your business.

Whats the price of LD Budget?

> Paid by the hour at 430,00 DKK excl. VAT for services (60,00 EUR/hr)
> Possibility to make a fixed price agreement or agree a "project price".
> Templates and tools are available in the .dk domain webshop. For english translated templates please contact LD Budget if not available in shop.
> Gift cards are available in the .dk domain shop

How does LD Budget help your business?

The needs of a company are individual and we might have some limitations geographically, primarily services are provided externally (digital), but after agreement it can be physically on your location. This also means that you do not have to supply any equipment such as a computer etc.

LD Budget is located in Ansager, Denmark.

Flexibility within LD Budget

No agreement requires binding, this means that at any time you are able to cancel an agreement, without having any extra costs.

At the same time there is no demand to a minimum of hours, and you have the possibility to set a max, so at no point will you be surprised.

This means that you can have LD Budget “standing ready” if all of a sudden you experience unexpected absence in your business, increasing work load etc. – ready to assist, if the need appears.

621 Days

LD Budget was established January 1st 2020


The amount of templates downloaded from the website

Which programs does LD Budget know?

If the program you are using is not mentioned below, it does not mean that LD Budget is not able to help you.
As a customer you will not be invoiced for missing knowledge to your system, if the assignment takes longer than anticipated. Introduction to your business and setup is also free of charge.

> Concorde XAL
> Navision
> Aspect 400
> Axapta (AX2012)
> Signflow
> BillysBilling
> Dinero
> E-conomic
> Danlon